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We at (BM) are continually trying to provide more information. We improve the quality of our content daily. BM covers sensitive, complex, and controversial topics built by networks of international political and military relations. Our field sources daily learn, analyze and transmit information from the most dangerous points in the world.

The BM must ensure that its sources continue to operate safely. The BM must continue to be an independent source of information. We sincerely believe that the content here at should remain free. So we decided and created our paid channel in Patreon.

Please support us at Patreon with a monthly subscription of €3 ($3,6). Apart from the fact that with your support, you will guarantee our field sources' work and BM's independence, in Patreon, you will read additional content prepared by our authors. Articles with unique, useful, and value-added content, in-depth research and commentary, the best comparative analyzes, and a digital monthly PDF magazine.

€ 3 ($3,6) per month is a guarantee that nobody will manipulate you, and you will have the freedom to build your objective point of view.

boyko nikolov

Boyko Nikolov
Editor-in-chief and
conceptual creator

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