China Turns Out To Be a Participant in the F-35 Production

LONDON, (BM) – The British company Exception PCB, which manufactures printed circuit boards (PCBs) for the F-35 fighter aircraft, has been owned by the Chinese company Shenzhen Fastprint since 2013, learned

The Sky News TV channel raised the question of the acceptability of the use of electronic components that are produced by a subsidiary of a Chinese company.

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In the Ministry of Defence of the country, the channel explained that the use of Exception PCB in the chain of companies supplying components for the fighter aircraft “does not create risks”.

The company is engaged in the production of blank PCBs, which are being purchased from the American GE Aviation, which in turn is a subcontractor of Lockheed Martin producing the F-35.

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Lockheed Martin noted that they were unaware of the availability of suppliers for F-35 controlled by the Chinese business. GE Aviation has noted that the Exception PCB does not have access to the secret data of fighter aircraft and cannot include in its products components that can be used for industrial espionage or sabotage.

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Tranclator editor: Monika Evgenieva

Source: Sky News