The US Has Offered Turkey Several Substitutes for the Russian S-400 Systems and Has Issued a New Ultimatum

WASHINGTON, (BGM) – On Tuesday, in a speech at the Brookings Institution, the Director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency of the US Department of Defense, Lieutenant General Charles Hooper, said that the US authorities had offered Turkey several options in exchange for a possible refusal to purchase S-400 surface-to-air missile systems from Russia, and now the decision is in Ankara, learned

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“We made it clear to the Turkish government the implications of obtaining the C-400. At the same time, we put forward a number of options that Turkey could use that would allow it not to take this step. What can I say – now the ball is on the Turkish side,” he said.

The US is actively trying to hinder Turkey from buying the S-400 systems. Earlier, Washington has already warned Ankara that in the event of the acquisition of these weapon systems, the United States may refuse Turkey to supply it with the modern F-35 fighter aircrafts.

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At the same time, the US Permanent Representative to NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchison, told the CNBC television channel that Turkey should abandon the Russian S-400 system if it hopes to get the US F-35s.

According to her, Russia is currently the main rival of the United States and NATO in the world, and Moscow is constantly trying to weaken and divide the alliance, so Turkey cannot have weapons designed to counter the US missiles.

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In addition, Hutchison noted that “Turkey is a sovereign state that can make its own decisions,” but Ankara will not get the F-35 aircrafts if the Russian S-400s are located on its territory.

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Translator editor: Monika Evgenieva

Source: Focus News Agency