North Korea’s Nuclear Bomb; Search for Missing AN-32 of IAF Continues; Saudi Arabia is Watching Sudan

PANAGYURISHTE, (BGM)A new look at 2017 test data reveals an explosion 16 times as powerful than the one that leveled Hiroshima, Defense One reported.

Scientists looking anew at a 2017 North Korean nuclear test discovered that the explosion was likely about two-thirds more powerful than U.S. officials previously thought.

Earlier data put the yield somewhere between 30 and 300 kilotons; the U.S. intelligence community said 140 kilotons. That was already the most powerful device tested by North Korea, topping a 2016 test by about an order of magnitude. But a new look at seismological data suggests that the blast was between 148 and 328 kilotons, and probably around 250 kilotons.

Search for Missing AN-32 of IAF Continues, Indian Ministry of Defence reported.

The aircraft got airborne from Jorhat Airfield forMechuka Advanced Landing Ground. Once the aircraft did not report at the destination, overdue actions were initiated.

Indian Air Force commenced extensive search and rescue operations and launched C-130, AN-32, Mi-17 and ALH (Indian Army) helicopters. The aircraft are equipped with advanced sensors. Indian Navy P-8 I aircraft joined the search operations yesterday.

Saudi Arabia said on Wednesday it is watching developments in Sudan with great concern and it supports continued dialogue between the ruling military council and the opposition, MEMO reported.

Saudi Arabia has close ties to the council, which has taken control of Sudan since the overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir in April.

Talks between the military and the opposition, which seeks a leading civilian role in a transition to democracy, have broken down. About 60 people have been killed in a crackdown on protestors by security forces since Monday, the opposition says.

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Source: MEMO, Defense One, Indian MoD