Israel Will Unveil the New Tactical UAS T-Heron on the Upcoming Paris Air Show

JERUSALEM, (BGM) – In the upcoming Paris Air Show, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will unveil the new tactical Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) of the Heron Family: the T-Heron, learned, quoting Israel Defense.

Designed for tactical missions on the battlefield, the T-Heron is expected to be used by ground forces and coast guards, as well as by other protection forces. With a versatile design and suitable for a variety of payloads, it features the most advanced IAI technologies.

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The T-heron features one of the highest levels of flight safety and reliability and is resistant to extreme weather conditions. With its advanced, certified and proven Rotax engine, the T-heron can reach a maximum altitude of 24,000 feet and a top speed of 120 knots. The new UAV is capable of carrying several payloads simultaneously of up to 180 kg, and is equipped with IAI’s best sensors. The T-Heron complies with global standards, including STANAG 4671 requirements.

The T-Heron joins IAI’s Heron UAS Family, which boasts rich know-how and extensive experience of over 40 years, over 1,700,000 combat flight hours and over 50 operational customers, which use IAI UAS in a range of missions, environmental conditions and warfare theatres across the globe.

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“We are proud to introduce the most recent UAS developed by IAI,” said Moshe Levy, IAI EVP and General Manager of the Military Aircraft Division. “Our T-Heron tactical UAS rounds up the range of operational UAS solutions IAI offers to all forces on the battlefield: marine, air, ground, and intelligence. IAI preserves its leadership position in UAS’s with a continuous stream of solutions for the challenges posed by the field.”

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