Bulgarian Servicemen Participate in the International Exercise Platinum Wolf 2019 in the Republic of Serbia

SOFIA, (BGM) – Servicemen from the 10th Mechanized Battalion of the Brigade Command take part in the international joint exercise Platinum Wolf 2019 in the Republic of Serbia, Military Base South, located near the town of Bujanovac, from 3 to 18 June 2019, learned BulgarianMilitary.com.

Commander of the Bulgarian platoon is Captain Miroslav Petrov. Besides the Bulgarian and Serbian servicemen, there are also military men from the United States, Great Britain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania, the Republic of North Macedonia, Italy and Slovenia.

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The main subjects, on which the exercise is conducted, are: Tactics, techniques and procedures in multinational operations; non-lethal weapons and peacekeeping operations. The participating countries will be trained in actions and procedures for participation in multinational operations in an international environment and in the use of non-lethal weapons.

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Among the goals of the exercise are the development of skills and habits necessary for planning and conducting tactical actions when participating in stabilization and peacekeeping operations, and the enhancement of the interoperability between the participating formations. As a result of the exercise, the communication between the members of the armed forces of the partner countries is expected to increase at the tactical level in joint operations for ensuring regional stability.

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Translator editor: Monika Evgenieva

Source: Focus News Agency

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