Atlantic Council Of Bulgaria: The Russian Factors Aspire To Failure For F-16

SOFIA (BM) – The choice of the F-16 has always been opposed by those factors in our country that work for Russian interests. They will not stop looking for ways to fail the deal and from now on they will concentrate all their efforts to sabotage the process, learned, accourding Atlantic Council statement.

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According to the Council, there are many ways the procedure of Bulgaria’s F-16 acquisition to be failed. One of the effective means is postponing the negotiations.

The Atlantic Council informed that they were following the process with growing concern and anxiety, especially in view of the words of Minister of Defence Krasimir Karakachanov yesterday that the government could not negotiate a favourable price for the aircrafts for now, and that in case of failure the project might be terminated or negotiated with another bidder.

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“In this case, it is obviously speaking of Sweden, whose Gripen fighter aircrafts capabilities are inferior to the F-16’s, and which will subsequently require many extra ”hidden” costs to equip themselves to multi-purpose,” the Council interpreted.

Otherwise, the biggest challenge today is the postponement of the negotiations, at first, after the summer vacation of the parliament. The best argument for protracting the negotiations is the price, and this information is not public at this stage.

“Thus, conditions are created for keeping the society in the dark, with the presumption of the government for a limitless credit of trust being voted. Another question is whether the government can justify society’s confidence by actually conducting the negotiations so that a deal can be made at the most advantageous for Bulgaria parameters,“ the organization added. According to them, the actions of the Cabinet in the procedure do not give the occasion for optimism, but only for ever-increasing doubts in their true intentions, despite the stated goals.

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However, there is hope in the fact that the negotiations are continuing and part of the US negotiation team remains there to continue the talks.

Atlantic Council of Bulgaria: “We remain optimistic, but we are more and more concerned about the course of the process and the possibility of failure. From now on, the government and the negotiating team do not have much time ahead of them. They, however, have opportunities that they can use. It is a question of sufficient political will, a proper strategic vision and a sense of responsibility! Where there is a will, there is a way. If it is lacking then the excuses will be numerous.“

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Translator editor: Monika Evgenieva
Source: Focus Agency