The CIA Secret Missile; Successful Excalibur N5 Test Firings; The New Israeli Multi-Purpose Patrol Vessel; A New Cyber Intelligence Solution

PANAGYURISHTE, Bulgaria ( – The Defense Department and Central Intelligence Agency have reportedly developed a specialized variant of the ubiquitous Hellfire missile that can best be described a 100-pound flying switchblade, Task and Purpose reports.

A fascinating report in the Wall Street Journal based on accounts from multiple current and former U.S. officials describes the R9X variant, covertly deployed against targets in Syria and Yemen since 2017, as a Hellfire with an inert warhead, essentially a rocket-powered update to the “Lazy Dog” bombs that U.S. soldiers would release at terminal velocity from aircraft above the battlefields of Korea and Vietnam.

Raytheon and the US Navy say they have completed a new round of successful Excalibur N5 munition test firings, UKDJ reports.

The precision-guided projectiles demonstrated various short-, mid- and long-range capabilities, say the defence firm in a release.

Designed to be fired from the US Navy’s five-inch guns, Excalibur N5 is the sea-based variant of the extended-range munition used by ground forces. Raytheon say that the Excalibur weapon provides accurate, first-round effects at all ranges in all weather conditions and that is something recent tests have aimed to prove.

Israel Shipyards will unveil its new multi-purpose offshore patrol vessel, named OPV-45, at IMDEX ASIA 2019, Israel Defense reports.

OPV-45 is designed for a wide range of naval, para-military and HLS missions, and can carry a variety of payloads according to mission requirements. OPV-45 facilitates open sea patrol and surveillance and supports a wide range of off-shore missions such as protecting facilities and EEZ, anti-terror/smuggling/illegal activities’ interdiction, intervention forces’ boarding/landing, and close-range naval combat operations, including anti-piracy missions and search and rescue operations. The new vessel can also be equipped for minimizing illegal immigration transits, fishing protection and control, and anti-pollution activities.

NSO Group develops technology that enables government intelligence and law enforcement agencies to prevent and investigate terrorism and crime, Army Recognition reports.

They provide the tools that support official authorities to lawfully address the most dangerous issues in today’s world. Governments use their products to prevent terrorism, break up criminal operations, find missing persons, and assist Search and Rescue (SAR) teams.

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Source: Task and Purpose, UKDJ, Army Recognition, Israel Defense


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