Cheaper F-35; New Russian Guided Bomb; Gaza Terror Groups Reveal New Rockets; Harris Systems for MQ-25

PANAGYURISHTE, Bulgaria ( Martin is offering to come down more than 10% on the price of the least-expensive F-35 as it negotiates the largest sale yet of Joint Strike Fighters, according the information by Defence One. The company is offering to sell the Pentagon about 100 F-35As — the version flown by the U.S. Air Force and most allies — for less than $80 million each, down from $89.5 million apiece in the deal signed last September. That price point suggests the company will meet its 2020 price targets for the warplane, whose lengthy development and higher-than-expected initial costs have drawn much criticism.

The Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) began receiving deliveries of new extended-range 500 kg and 1,500 kg guided bombs from Russia’s leading developer of guided bombs and torpedoes, GNPP Region, a subsidiary of the Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV), during the first quarter of 2019, reports Jane`s.

“Both bombs have undergone testing and become operational, and deliveries of these munitions to the VKS have already commenced,” told GNPP Region Director General Igor Krylov. The enterprise has signed domestic and international contracts for the two new weapons, and export deliveries will begin in 2020.

The terror groups in the Gaza Strip are introducing a new rocket under the name Badr 3, claimed to have a 250-kg warhead, reports Israel Defese. According to online reports, the range of the new rocket is estimated at 60 km.

The groups claim to have fired the missile toward Israel’s southern city of Ashkelon in the latest flare-up, though this was not confirmed by official Israeli sources.

Harris Corporation has been selected by Boeing to supply the mission management open systems processor for the US Navy’s MQ-25 unmanned aerial refuelling programme, according company statement and reported by Shephard Media.

Under the contract, Harris will provide the mission management processor in partnership with Boeing AvionX. 

The mission management processor manages sensor and communications functions on the MQ-25, providing the onboard processing capacity necessary to support advanced computing needs. Harris will provide hardware and firmware in conjunction with Boeing’s open systems architecture solution.

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Source: Defense One, Jane`s, Israel Defense, Shephard Media