Boeing May Support the U.S. Navy With Laser Weapon System, Known as “Silent Strike”

CHICAGO, the U.S. ( – Boeing may support the U.S. Navy with laser weapon system known as “The Silent Strike”, learned, according Boeing comment in Twitter.

Boeing`s comapct laser weapon system (CLWS) tracks and disables UAVs. Silent, invisible and precise – CLWS “Silent Strike” harnesses directed energy on its targets. The system recently reached a milestone at an exercise at Point Mugu, Calif. by tracking and disabling a moving, untethered unmanned aerial vehicle. The Compact Laser Weapons System is portable and can set up quickly.

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More precisely, it’s a 2 kilowatt laser, the little brother to Boeing’s “death ray on wheels,” which straps a 10 kilowatt laser on to the back of an armored transport. Engineer Isaac Neil likens the systems’ attack to “a welding torch being put on a target, but from hundreds of meters away.”

According to AFCEA International, for ground-based applications, the weapon can be placed also on a tripod and on top of its corresponding military container, which houses the electric power and cooling subsystems.

The CLWS is already part of the Army’s Mobile Expeditionary High Energy Laser program. It’s deployed on Stryker vehicle in Europe and has been used in field experiments.

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