Opticoelectron: The RDS 22 Collimator Sight And the Lartos Artillery System Are New Generation Products

PANAGYURISHTE, Bulgaria (BulgarianMilitary.com) – Opticoelectron, the Bulgarian optical manufacturer, has reported as successful the recent exhibition in Turkey – IDEF 2019, where the company presented its day, night, thermal imaging and collimator sights, as well as artillery optical products and surveillance systems, learned BulgarianMilitary.com.

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Difficult tasks are aways a challenge, not an excuse
dipl. eng. Miroslav Vasev | Photo credit: BM

Dipl. Eng. Miroslav Vasev, head of the design team at the company, commented: “I think we can define the exhibition last week as a success for Opticoelectron. We recognized interest in our usual products and in some new models. An example of such a product is the collimator sight RDS 22, which is our latest development in the field of this kind of optical products”.

RDS 22 weighs approximately 250 grams and is designed for rapid shooting by short-barreled automatic weapons or by hunting ones. It can be used both during the day and in dusk or at night for poorly lit targets. The brightness of the collimator sight is controlled in four positions and the product itself is powered by one AA or ½ AA batteries.

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“Of course, in recent months, we have been presenting our thermal imaging series Terecon hard, so, expectedly, it similarly has provoked the interest amongst the visitors at the Opticoelectron stand. Another product we can distinguish is the artillery Lartos computing system,” said dipl.eng. Vasev.

Lartos is a product that has been developed for years in Opticoelectron. Its main function is to identify targets and objects as well as the distance to them, their angular coordinates regarding the Lartos position or some other point set by the product. The system itself is made up of several subsystems, the most important being: a basic module and one for visualization management, a positioning device, software, and more.

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“We strive to be competitive on the international market for the manufacture of military optics. I think the products we design are exactly such, considering that we sell them all over the world. RDS 22 and Lartos are new generation products and we believe in the potential that they can develop not only in their future upgrades but also in our other products,” concluded dipl.eng. Vasev.

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Translator editor: Monika Evgenieva