The Bulgarian Military Equipment Is In Critical Condition and Endangers the Life of the Personnel

SOFIA, Bulgaria ( – 23% of the armoured vehicles (48% of which are tanks), 80% of the aviation equipment and 10% of the ships that are in service at the Bulgarian army are malfunctioning, learned on the basis of the Report on the state of defence and armaments, which the Bulgarian Cabinet passed at its last regular meeting and submitted to parliament for approval.

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The condition of the basic armaments and the technical equipment remains critical, despite the increased investment in maintenance and repair of major battle platforms. They are being operated with a number of constraints leading to a reduction of their combat effectiveness and to a risk to the health and life of the personnel, the report says.

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Some systems are so outdated that even providing sufficient financial resources is not able to solve the problems of their maintenance and field application. 23% of the road vehicles (48% tanks, 40% BMP-1s, 30% BTR-60PB-MD1s, 31% buses and more), 80% of the aviation equipment and 10 % of the ships, vessels and facilities are technically malfunctioning that has a negative impact on the maintenance and development of the necessary defence capabilities, the document also states. It is concluded that the state of defence capabilities of the army allows fulfilling its constitutional obligations to guarantee the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, but with limitations.

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As to the personnel, the high levels of incompleteness with servicemen in the Bulgarian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence are kept. The analysis of the competitions conducted in recent years has shown an increasing tendency of decline in the number of civilians who are candidates for military service. The experts found a decrease from 5-6 candidates for one position in 2013 to 1 candidate for one position in 2016, and less than 1 candidate for one position in 2017 and 2018. According to them, this is still due to the unattractive salaries in the defence system, especially the soldier’s pay.

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Translator editor: Monika Evgenieva
Source: Trud