The 38th Bulgarian Contingent of the NATO Leaves For the International Resolute Support Mission

SOFIA, Bulgaria ( – Deputy Minister of Defence Atanas Zapryanov and Deputy Chief of Defence Lieutenant General Dimitar Iliev will take part in today’s send-off ceremony of the 38th contingent of the Armed Forces that will participate in NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, learned

The contingent consists of up to 160 servicemen. It includes a national element, a security team, a team of advisers and staff officers at the headquarters of the NATO mission. The national commander of the contingent is Colonel Ivan Ivanov from the Logistics Directorate at the Ministry of Defence. In 2014, Colonel Ivanov participated in the European Union Operation Althea in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in 2016 he took part in the NATO mission in Afghanistan. Assistant national commander of the contingent is Colonel Valeri Dimitrov from the Operations and Training Directorate.

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The Kandahar airport’s security team is formed by more than 100 soldiers, with most of its personnel being the 31st mechanized battalion of the 2nd Tundja Mechanized Brigade. More than half of the servicemen have experience from missions abroad. The commander of the company is Captain Svetlin Simeonov, Deputy Chief of Fire Service Support at Military Formation 52 740. In 2008 and 2012, he participated in overseas missions in Afghanistan and in 2009 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan is focused on the preparation, assistance and provision of teams of advisers to the Afghan state institutions and national security forces in interaction with the Afghan Government, partners and other international organizations engaged in the region. Our participation in the mission is according to the responsibilities of Bulgaria as a NATO member state.

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Translator editor: Monika Evgenieva
Source: Focus Agency