The US Destroyer Ross Is Target and Under Surveillance of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation ( – The American destroyer Ross, which entered the Black Sea, was placed under continuous monitoring by two ships of the Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, learned

In a statement released by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, the Russian Command said “The appointed Black Sea Fleet forces and assets are constantly monitoring the US Navy destroyer Ross, which entered the Black Sea on April 14 this year”.

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The announcement adds that Ross is under constant surveillance by the Fleet’s coastal radio equipment.

The monitoring is carried out by the corvette Vasily Bykov and the intelligence-gathering ship Ivan Khurs, which directly monitor the actions of the American warship, the Russian Ministry of Defence says.

“Given what is happening in Ukraine and Georgia, NATO ships can no longer be considered peaceful”,  told the Russian edition Vzglyad Admiral Igor Kasatonov, leading analyst of the Black Sea Fleet Advisory Group of the Chief of Staff. “This is why strict monitoring has been established, via radiotechnical means, radio-tracking and visually”.

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At the same time, ex-commander of the Black Sea Fleet Admiral Vladimir Komoydov says “NATO members enter the Black Sea according to the rules – 21 days, no more, and so far this rule has not been violated. And as for them, we have space stations – satellites, there are ship stations that can use all sorts of surveillance – navigation, combat, and so on. Finally, there is a visual observation, plus aircrafts and helicopters. There is no problem in the Black Sea, it is necessary to be monitored.”

The Vasily Bykov ship has advanced sonars, devices for active and passive radio-electronic interference and electronic weapons, one helicopter Ka-27 and dozens of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), and his partner, the ship Ivan Khurs has the standard intelligence-gathering equipment which, however, is classified as Top Secret.

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According to the expert Captain First Rank Mikhail Nenashev, the American destroyer has not committed a violation, but his presence is an opportunity to maintain a concentration of the servicemen and to train different military capabilities. “If we talk about this American destroyer, it is now a target of two or three missile systems and by other Russian coastal defence systems. In the event of a crisis in seconds, this target will be eliminated. It is a really good chance for us not to relax, but to do combat training”, says the expert.

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Translator editor: Monika Evgenieva
Source: Focus Agency