Electron Progress – the Leading Bulgarian Integrator

SOFIA, Bulgaria (BulgarianMilitary.com) – It is not unrecognizable fact that Bulgaria had a highly devoped military industry during the years of communism. The Military industrial Complex was then one of the few sectors that were able to develop even in times when the world was separated from the iron curtain. The arrival of the new times and the overthrow of a number of communist regimes, including Bulgaria, proved to be a serious test for our societies.

Bulgaria looked westward, turned its old past away and expressed a strong desire to become part of the family of its new partners. From an economic point of view, this meant restructuring, fresh and big investments, staff training, new thinking, the overthrow of prejudices, and so on. Many companies have failed and, unfortunately, after nearly three decades they have not yet achieved it.

But there were also those who asserted the oncoming changes and the blazoning of the visionary management have done more than a successful transition. A transition that allows them today to be proud of their history and to welcome their daily lives.One of these companies is namely Electron Progress EAD.

The company is quickly aware that, in order to be competitive in new markets,there are changes in both technology and human resources. Heavy decisions have been made,battled with the thinking of old times, and achieved enviable success.

Today, Electron Progress EAD, with a nearly 45-year history, has become a leader in Bulgaria in the development, production and integration of high-tech communication and information systems (CIS) and products designed for defense and security needs and became a leading Bulgaria integrator.

Among the products developed and produced by the company are:
• Tactically wearing,riding and stationary KV and FM radio stations;
• Coastal radar station;
• Digital encryption device;
• Artillery Fire Management System;
• A system for counteracting remote controlled improvised explosive devices and others.

The company, in partnership with foreign companies, is a system integrator and a number of sophisticated CIS, including:
• National Military Command Center;
• Stationary communication system;
• Pilot project of „Emergency call system on 112“- Sofia city“;
• Coastal Marine Surveillance System.
• Military Command Center as Subcontractor for System Integration.

Electron Progress EAD also integrates a complex of tactical communication-information nodes for „field communication-information provision of tactical CIS“.

In addition to the above mentioned products and sytems, Electron Progress EAD together with its parent company Miltech EOOD are partners of Harris Corporation,the world leader in the development and production of tactical CIS for Defense and Security,and is a preferred supplier for more than 130 countries around the world,including all NATO members. Together with Harris Corporation, through industrial cooperation, Electron Progress EAD acquired and developed further opportunities for production and maintenance of products for tactical CIS in the country,including radio-communications equipment of the latest generation and the related devices.

The company further developed other elements of tactical CIS including: fire supplies,antenna-matching devices,power amplifiers,control software,sensor systems,structural cable systems for armored containers and combat machines, and others. Again,together with Miltech EOOD and Harris Corporation,an integrated CIS for Tactical Operations Centers of the Battalion Combat Group (BCG) was also delivered.

The desire for progress and development does not stop here. The Bulgarian integrator is already a partner of a number of other leading foreign companies in the field of communication and information technologies,including: Cisco Systems,Oracle, Panasonic Thoughbook, API Inc., Alcatel Lucent (Nokia), Aviat Network, Peli and others.

Electron Progress is the first Bulgarian company to sign a framework contract for a preferential supplier of the NATO Communications and Information Agency. Electron Progress EAD has established a warranty and post-warranty support center in the country, with continuous operation,with the support of its products and the systems it has built. All its specialists have permissions to access qualified information of the Republic of Bulgaria and much of it to NATO. On the territory of the company are established and functioning registers for classified information of the Republic of Bulgaria and NATO to the level „Secret“.

The company builds and maintains a quality system that complies with ISO 9001,ISO 14001,OHSAS 18001,ISO 27001,and NATO Allied Publication AQAP 2110. The patent holder is in the field countering improvised explosive devices and is in the process of approving a request for two more patents.

There are not many companies in Bulgaria that can boast over 45-years of history. Not many and those who have made a successful transition from state to private.Behind these numbers are always people – from the ordinary worker to the CEO. All of them must have different,flexible and competitive thinking. Electron Progress EAD obviously has all this human potential that makes them a company that competes with world markets.

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Source: Electron Progress