A Polish General Threatened Russia with a Nuclear Strike

WARSAW, Poland (BulgarianMilitary.com)“If Russia attacks the Western countries, NATO can use nuclear weapons against it”. That said the Polish General Waldemar Skrzypczak in an interview published on the Wirtualna Polska website, learned BulgarianMilitary.com.

According to the General, Poland is a frontline state, one of the Alliance’s first frontiers on the path of the Russian threat. According to him, in the event of war, Poland could not stop Russia by itself. Skrzypczak pointed out that even NATO’s additional forces, located in his country, would not help, and the allies would need a few weeks to come to aid.

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Skrzypczak described the Alliance forces as weakening and ineffective, as he gave the takeover of the Crimean Peninsula as an example. “The decisions are being taken too late …. (…) When NATO woke up, Crimea and Eastern Ukraine were already in Putin’s hands”, he said.

Skrzypczak said that during the Cold War the Americans planned to stop the Red Army on the territory of Poland with nuclear strikes – and such plans still exist in the case of aggression by Russia. He defined such a scenario as unacceptable for the Republic of Poland, but stressed: “If war begins, no one will ask for our opinion. And we cannot change our geographic position”.

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The concerns about possible Russian aggression, he says, are extending not only to today’s Russia, but also to the time when President Vladimir Putin won’t be at the head of the country.

In February, the Polish Minister of National Defence Mariusz Blaszczak said that Poland planned to spend nearly $ 50 billion to modernize its army.

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Translator editor: Monika Evgenieva
Source: Pan