In a Simulation Training Russia Used the S-400 System in Response to a Conditional Enemy Missile Strike

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation ( – The battle calculations of the S-400 Triumph system at the Southern Military District of Russia, located in the Crimea, repelled a missile strike of a conditional opponent, told reporters Vadim Astafyev, head of the district office, learned

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From the S-400 position units of Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile complex were used to repel a massive missile attack, Astafyev commented.

“Crews on board of the S-400 Triumph 4 anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as the Air Force and anti-aircraft divisions of the Southern Military District, located in the Crimea, as part of a winter period test, began to conduct a conventional enemy missile attack,” says the press release.

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The starting positions and the implementation of a set of tasks for putting the systems into a combat situation allowed the S-400 to do a series of calculations to localize and intercept control targets in the role of which tactical bombers of Su-24 were, the press release also said.

Meanwhile, Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile units were used to repel a massive missile attack in the S-400 areas. After the S-400 had counteracted and had eliminated the ballistic missiles of a conditional enemy, the combat teams of the Triumph and Pantsir-S complexes did calculations for the operational change of positions in locating, launching and defeating enemy units.

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Translator editor: Monika Evgenieva
Source: TASS