A Tactical Training Starts in April for Bulgarian and EU Military Aviation

SOFIA, Bulgaria (BulgarianMilitary.com) – From April 1st to 12th the Bulgarian pilots and equipment in the field of our military aviation will take part in courses in the European Program „European Course for Environment of the Tactical Training of the Air Force Aviation“ 2019-2 (ETAR-C 19-2), which will take place at Plovdiv airport, Bezmer airport, Aviation Air Force Field – Elena, Cheshnegirovo Airport and Chernogorovo Airport, learn BulgarianMilitary.com.

Pilots from Lithuania, Germany, the Czech Republic, stuff from Kingdom of Spain, as well as specialists from the European Center for Tactical Air Transport and the European Air Transport Command will also take part in the course.

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During ETP-C 19-2 flights will be operated at a small and marginal height; overcoming air defense systems of the contingent opponent – ground-based means and fighters; air desalination; training courses for simulated hauling; tactical approaches to landing; aircraft service operations from ground technical stuff; for fighter aviation – tactical interceptions, and for Chernozem – missile troops – a ship-rocket cover of the directions for taking the transport aviation.

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Head of the Bulgarian side of the Euro-project will be Peyo Donchev, who is the head of a department of our Air Command.

In terms of stuff, the Bulgarian Air Force will be represented by pilots positioned at the Krumovo, Vrazhdebna and Graf Ignatievo bases. Sofia has been chosen as a base for command, flight monitoring and management, while Bozhurishte is the chosen base for the stay of the special equipment.

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Editorial team / Translator editor: Genoveva Ilieva
Source: MoD of Bulgaria