Bulgaria’s Government Approves BGN 82.51 Million to Repair the Su-25s

SOFIA, Bulgaria, (BulgarianMilitary.com) At its meeting held on 27the February, the Bulgarian government has approved a report by the Minister of Defence on the payment of up to BGN 82.51 million (without VAT) for the project related to the overhaul of the Bulgaria’s Su-25 fighter jets. The announcement of the Council of Ministers notifies that the payment approved yesterday should be made at the expense of the money refunded to the Defence Ministry account, in 2019, for the implementation of this project, learned BulgarianMilitary.com

We recall that, in fact, the decision of the Bulgarian Government to allocate the same amount for the Su-25 repair was taken at the end of November, last year, but the money was not spent due to a delay in the signing and entry into force of the contract with the Belarusian company “558 Aircraft Repair Plant.” And since no contract payment has been made by the end of the year, the amount was redirected for 2019.

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The maximum amount at which military deals can be concluded without a sanction of the Parliament is BGN 100 million.

Again, in November 2018, the Bulgarian Defence Minister Krasimir Karakachanov signed a decision that approves the deal with the Belarusian “558 Aircraft Repair Plant” for repairing and ensuring airworthiness of 14 Su-25s.

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According to the latest report of the committee, which led the negotiations, the total amount of all possible activities, set in the procurement documentation (if there is such a need) for 14 Su-25 aircraft, reaches to € 73,665,500 (without VAT), which means that Bulgaria’s Defence Ministry will be able to repair a maximum of 8 Su-25s and only if the Parliament approves.

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“The implementation of the project will allow the airworthiness of the Su-25 aircraft to be restored and the defense capabilities acquired in the period before the purchase of the new type of fighter and its operational readiness for activities on ground / underwater targets is declared, to be maintained,” today’s announcement by the government reads.

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Sources: Dnevnik, News,bg