Russia Has Begun to Develop the Fourth-Generation Ratnik Infantry Combat System

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation ( fourth and follow-up generations of the soldier gear Ratnik are currently undergoing research and development process by Russia’s industrial design bureau TSNIITOCHMASH. This was reported by the State Corporation Rostec, learned

The next generation gear of Ratnik will feature powered exoskeletons, AI systems and micro-drones, according to the industrial director of Rosctec’s cluster of conventional weapons, ammunition and special chemicals, Sergei Abramov. He specifies that the work continues, and the corporation has a sufficient R&D reserve for this.

According to the Rostec’s official it is very likely the follow-up generations to be equipped with robotized systems that are integrated with artificial intelligence with human capabilities, and speaking about the use of powered exoskeletons, micro-drones and new weapons, he noted that their research was still ongoing.

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Recently, the Russian design bureau TSNIITOCHMASH, after completing the research process the Ratnik-3 soldier gear, presented the results to the Ministry of Defence, aiming to get recommendations and a contract to continue with the development work.

The fundamentally new set of equipment Ratnik-3 provides protection, life support, combat capabilities, as well as control and power supply. Reportedly, there will be one configuration for ground and airborne forces.

The Ratnik-3 will incorporate a laser aiming system, mine-proof footwear and medical sensors, enabling the electronic visor to aim and shoot around corners. The capabilities of the soldier’s locomotor system will be increased by the active exoskeleton, as well. Although it will be 4kg lighter than the previous version, Ratnik-3 will provide the same protection.

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Earlier, the chief of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov said that the soldier combat gear Ratnik and its individual components attracted the interest of many foreign customers, and the corporation currently had orders for the delivery of tens of thousands of combat gear components to be exported. Rostec is in talks with countries in different regions, including the Middle East, with the total value of commercial proposals from foreign customers exceeding $30 million.

“Some foreign customers would like to have the full set, while others, only in some of its components – bullet-proof vests, helmets, backpacks, knives, general purpose vests, assault kits and others,” Rostec’s chief commented.

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This year, at the international defence exhibition IDEX in Abu-Dhabi, Rostec displayed a sand-colored version of the gear Ratnik, successfully tested in Syria.

Currently, Russia’s armed forces use the 2nd generation version of the infantry combat system Ratnik. According to the chief of the developer TsNIITochMash, Dmitry Semizorov, the body armor was never pierced throughout the period it was in use.

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Source: TASS