Israel Unveils Long-Range Missile Against Underground Targets

JERUSALEM, Israel ( – Rafael has unveiled the “Rocks” a very long-range air-ground missile with a capability to penetrate heavy protected targets. This the ultimate standoff air-ground weapon against hardened targets, learned

According to Rafael, “Rocks” is an advanced, extended stand-off range air-to-surface missile, which may be used against high value targets, stationary and relocatable, even in theaters where the enemy employs effective GPS countermeasures.

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The Israeli company says that the missile is equipped with either a penetration or blast fragmentation warhead.

The missile can destroy above-ground or well-defended underground targets in heavily surface-to-air-defended areas.

The Israeli company says that “Rocks” is launched at a very significant standoff range, well outside of the enemy’s air-defence coverage area, and performs a high velocity trajectory towards the target. This minimizes the launch aircraft exposure to threats, as well as improves the strike success rate.

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“Rocks” uses its INS/GPS for midcourse navigation, while homing on to the target is performed by using its EO seeker and advanced image processing algorithms, which ensures hitting targets with great precision, overcoming GPS jamming or denial.

According to Yuval Miller Exc. VP of Rafaels’ air& C4ISR systems division, ”Rocks” provides a cutting edge and cost-effective solution that combines several combat-proven technologies inherited from our latest generation SPICE system.  It is the first time that the Israeli company has developed such an air launched missile since the Popeye missile that was in service in the 80’s, in the Israeli airforce and in the U.S airforce (AGM – 142).

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