Russia Tests a New Onboard AI System on Mi-28N Attack Helicopter

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation ( – According to an unnamed source engaged in the Russian aircraft industry, a new advanced onboard AI system is being tested on Russia’s Mi-28N attack helicopters, which features capabilities to destroy targets pointed by the pilots without their participation, learned

The TASS source shares that the new electronic attack system with artificial intelligence can analyze the target automatically without the help of a manual operator, and in order to be tested, trials are conducted with the Mi-28N helicopters.

He explained that in particular, the onboard reconnaissance attack system that features the so-called electronic weapons operator, by itself analyzes targets in the field, finds out whether they belong to the enemy, then picks the appropriate weapon from the  armament the helicopter has, and launches it again by itself.

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The source further specifies that the only thing the pilots need to do is to select a target from those that the system suggests. This happens by pressing a button on the LCD display and then, the system does everything else by itself. However, he stated that the decision to use weapons is taken by a human, but at the same time the task can be canceled by the pilot at any point.

It is further reported that the new onboard reconnaissance attack system is designed to help to be compensated the physiological limitations of people, with regard to attention and reaction.

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The Russian state-run news agency, quotes the unnamed source explaining that the pilots of the attack helicopters cannot control the whole filed because of the fact that this type of aircraft is used at low altitude and flies at high speed. Regarding the use of armament on already selected target, the new onboard AI system “allows to be taken some pressure off the crew,” and thus the pilots can carry other tasks.

TASS stated that the Russian Helicopters company did not commented on the information reported by the source.

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Source: TASS