Russia’s MoD Releases Video of the New Nuclear-powered Underwater Drone Poseidon

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation, ( –Few hours after President Vladimir Putin’s annual address to parliament on Wednesday, the Russian Ministry of Defence has released a video showing test launch of the new nuclear-powered underwater drone Poseidon for the first time, learned

The clip broadcasted yesterday by the state-owned Rossiya 24 TV channel, lasts a few seconds and shows the Poseidon moving out of a container that simulates the corresponding compartment of the drone carrier submarine.

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Yesterday, Vladimir Putin told in his speech to the Russian Federal Assembly that the nuclear-capable torpedo had been undergoing successful tests and the first nuclear-powered submarine armed with unmanned underwater vehicles Poseidon would be launched in the spring of 2019, adding that the work was going on schedule.

“In this connection I would like to make one important remark. Nothing has been said about this so far, but it is possible to do so today. In the spring of this year the first nuclear powered submarine armed with this unmanned vehicle will be launched. The work is proceeding in accordance with the schedule,” the Russian President stated.

Earlier the same day, Russia’s Minister of Defence Sergei Shoigu reported that Poseidon had successfully completed its sea trials.

Speaking on the background, the retired Russian Rear Adm. Vsevolod Khmyrov told reporters that the successful completion of the bench tests allowed the start of tests that involved nuclear submarines as carrier for the drone. He specified that the full cycle of bench tests had included tests of a unique nuclear power unit, and after them – comprehensive marine field tests had been conducted. “All this allows to start a full final stage soon, i.e. tests of the drone together with its carrier,” Khmyrov explained.

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We recall that the UUVs Poseidon would be provided for the Russian Navy under the current 2018-2027 program for armaments, and will be used to arm a next-generation nuclear powered submarine that is being built at the Severodvinsk-based Sevmash shipyards.

Currently, Sevmash is working on the creation of at least two special submarines, such as the project 949A the Belgorod that is expected be capable to carry unmanned and manned deep diving research apparatuses, as well as the project 09851 special purpose submarine named the Khabarovsk, which according to unconfirmed reports, will be able to carry a new weapon system and various deep diving vehicles.

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Sources: TASS, The Daily Mail