Russia Has Almost Completed its Improved Land-based Missile Attack Warning System

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation ( – On Saturday (16th February), in a program broadcast by the Russian radio Echo of Moscow, the Deputy Chief of Russia’s Aerospace Forces Igor Morozov stated that the reconfiguration of the Russian land-based missile alert system was completed, with patching up all the gaps that remained after the Soviet Union collapse, learned

In order to be completed the holes in the peripheral radar field, which occurred after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when some of the elements ended up in other independent countries, Morozov says that in 2018, three radars for combat duty have been set up in Yeniseysk, Barnaul and Orsk. “Some of these were dismantled and we had to build from scratch to a certain extent,” the general adds.

To completely eliminate the existing loopholes Russia has formed an early warning radar network by building new radar bases in many places that cover the dangerous direction of missile attacks in the northwest, southwest and Southeast regions.

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The Russian defence official points out that the replacing of the obsolete radars at some facilities still requires some work left to be done. In his words the period needed for the replacement of two old radars is two or three years while the efforts put in the work on the development of data processing algorithms would continue indefinitely.

In particular, after completing the blind area of early warning radar, Morozov revealed that the next key task of the Russian army is to replace the old radar of radar station. The current radar such as Daliar, Dnieper River and Volga River are about to be replaced by a new generation of Voronezh radar.

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By explaining that and in view of the uncertainty around the INF Treaty Morozov emphasized on the importance of this work. He added that in recent years, this strategic system has been in special focus for the Russian government and the Ministry of Defence.

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Source: Sputnik News