One of the Best Thermal Imaging Products in the World Will Again Be Presented in Abu Dhabi

ABU DHABI, UAE ( – The international defence exhibition in Abu Dhabi – IDEX 2019 has already started. Over 1300 companies are participating with their exhibition stands, and tens of thousands will attend the exposition within the next few days.

For another year, the Bulgarian optical company OPTIX, based in the small town of Panagyurishte, will present its products and will welcome dozens of guests at the exhibition, learned

OPTIX And Partners Create New Defence In EU Against Drones
Zhelyazko Gagov is the Marketing Director of OPTIX JSC. He leads the Bulgarian part of the team of the Safeshore Project for defence against drones. | Photo Credit: Pia News

“For us and for everyone in this industry, this exposition is one of the most important for the year. Here, on the spot, we can really display what we have improved and made in the past two years, since our last meeting,” are the first words of Zhelyazko Gagov, Marketing Director at OPTIX – “And this year we are expecting at our exhibition stand dozens of guests, partners and clients. I use the opportunity through your media, to invite everyone, who is interested in the new technologies and devices in the optical production, to visit us on stand 08-B02 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from today until 21st February.”

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OPTIX is one of the largest manufacturers in the Balkans and a major supplier of optical products for military application worldwide. Located at more than 90,000 square meters of production spaces, OPTIX trades its products worldwide and in recent years they have become a recognizable brand of quality and security.

It is no secret that a particular product series is being used by various units within the NATO structure.

“This year we will focus on three of our products – the uncooled thermal imaging binocular OPTIX BidentifieR, the ZiR thermal imaging attachment designed for snipers and one of our latest developments in electronics – the X-core thermal imaging module. The X-core is a last generation, high-resolution module suitable for integration into stationary cameras and devices for personal use in the field of defense and security,” Zhelyazko Gagov comments continue.

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In recent years, the Panagyurishte-based company has widened its production space annually. Millions of euros are being invested to improve quality and productivity.

“Nowadays, the new technologies are changing and are entering our everyday life at a very fast pace. We – as a company working precisely in the field of these new technologies – set a goal to be a current participant in this development. More than 20 years have passed since the OPTIX establishment and we are proud that not only have we created a production, but we have also made progress towards the current market demands in the field of photonics,” Gagov ends his comment.

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