Israeli Company Is Offering Rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (RUAV) to India.

JERUSALEM, Israel ( – Steadicopter, the Israeli company is offering its Black Eagle 50 Rotary Unmanned Aerial vehicle (RUAV) to India, learned

Steadicopter has teamed with Indian company Apollo Micro Systems to jointly promote the sales of system.

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Noam Lidor, Sales & Marketing Manager of Steadicopter said that the Black Eagle will be demonstrated this week in India to potential clients from defense and security clients.

He added that the Black Eagle 50 is a real tactical response to ISTAR missions at sea and on land. “Most similar platforms on the market are much larger and heavier, and this results in more maintenance, and less flexibility and agility. The Black Eagle 50 is actually the smallest platform in its category. It is much easier to maintain and operate, while preserving high performance, including extended air time and the ability to carry a variety of payloads.”

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The Black Eagle 50 is a VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) robotic observation system.

According to the Israeli company the system has a steady hovering endurance of up to 4 hours.

The maximum take-off weight of 77 pounds, and payload capacity of7 pounds.

The company says that it has a communication range of up to 100km, depending on the client’s requirements, and a service ceiling of up to 9,000ft.

Its total length is just 100 inch, while its maximum air speed is 70 knots and cruising speed of 47 Knots.

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