Israeli and American soldiers have exercised this week the joint deployment in Israel

JERUSALEM, Israel ( – Israeli and American soldiers have exercised this week the joint deployment in Israel, in case the U.S will have to deploy forces in Israel during war and ballistic missiles attack on Israeli cities, learned

This in preparation for a situation in which the U.S will deploy air defense systems in Israel, mainly to intercept ballistic missiles.

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300 Americans, 400 Israelis are participating in the „Juniper Falcon” 2019 exercise, performed by the IAF Air Defense Division in cooperation with the USUCOM (United States European Command).

As part of the exercise, the forces are simulating the deployment of US forces in Israel in preparation for a future operational cooperation.

The “Juniper Falcon” is a headquarters exercise and does not include the deployment of U.S defense systems.

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The exercise simulates a scenario in which US forces arrive in Israel to provide assistance in missile defense, and includes operational procedures that will facilitate the joint operation of Israeli and American ballistic missiles interceptors and detection systems.

During the exercise, the U.S personnel became acquainted with the main Israeli air defense systems, the Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arrow.

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