BAE Systems Received a $74.7 Million Contract for Modernization of Holston Ammunition Plant

WASHINGTON, D.C., the United States ( – BAE Systems announced on 13th February 2019 that the company has received a $74.7 million contract from the U.S. Army for the modernization of Holston Ammunition Plant, learned

The government-owned and contractor-operated (GOCO) Holston Army Ammunition Plant (HSAAP) manufactures Research Department Explosive (RDX) and High Melting Explosive (HMX) for ammunition production and development.

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The contract covers design, construction and commissioning of a Recrystallization and Slurry Coating Formulation facility at the Holston Army Ammunition Plant (HSAAP), which will improve the production efficiency and modernize energetics manufacturing at the installation. Its construction will play a vital part in the process of manufacturing of several products that provide support to the military and is one of several multi-year U.S. Army-driven modernization requirements for the installation. The planned date of completion is late 2021.

Director of modernization of Ordnance Systems at BAE Systems, Mark Hellstern, explained, “The new facility will allow HSAAP to enhance production capabilities of our current product base and will support future product requirements as needed by the U.S. Department of Defence. Our modernization efforts will help ensure the long-term viability of the Holston facility in its strategic support to meet current and future demands, both domestically and abroad.”

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The new facility, developed with state-of-the-art safety and environmental controls, will allow for energetics to be “recrystallized” to meet quality and formulation specifications. It will also have dual use capability to “dewater” material so that to prepare it for further processing.

Since 1999 BAE Systems has been the operating contractor of the Holston Army Ammunition Plan under a 25-year facilities use contract. During that time that company has developed a wide range of explosive formulations for both military and commercial customers and applications. Since start of 1999, BAE Systems Ordnance Systems business has delivered modernization planning, design, project management, and construction at the U.S. Army munitions plant facilities that it operates.

About BAE Systems

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Source: BAE Systems, Wikipedia