A Range of New Products In the Field of the Infrared Optics Will Be Released on the Market by Opticoelectron In 2019

PANAGYURISHTE, Bulgaria (BulgarianMilitary.com) – Over the past years, the Bulgarian company manufacturing military optical products has invested considerable resources in its production. We recall that only in 2017, Opticoelectron invested nearly EUR 4 million in equipment, production capacities and personnel.

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The IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi is forthcoming this week, and the Bulgarian company is a regular exhibitor in it. From our sources in Opticoelectron, we learned that the company was preparing, exactly there, to display and present some of the new products in the infrared spectrum, and not only.

We contacted Eng. Boyan Garchev – Director of International Business Development at Opticoelectron to comment and we find him outside Bulgaria at the moment, and in a telephone interview he confirmed and shared the following:

About € 4 Million Is Invested by Opticoelectron in 2017
dipl. eng. Boyan Garchev – Business Development Director (Photo credit: Persoanl archive)

“The first big exhibition of the year is precisely in Abu Dhabi. In the past months, we have been working on a new series of products – of the infrared spectrum. Our customers and partners have repeatedly asked us about them and our new infrared optics, so we confirm – only part of it will be presented at IDEX, not the whole range.” This was the first thing that Boyan Garchev shared – “I can only officially say the following – in 2019 Opticoelectron will invest over EUR 1 million in new production capacities. It is interesting that this money will be used for the purchase of completely unknown to Bulgaria and Eastern Europe optical technologies, as well as, for developments in the field of electronics. This is the fact that will help our company for the first time to be on the end market for high-tech lenses. We will do it together with our new European partner. That’s all I can say about this topic,” Garchev commented.

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Opticoelectron is one of the largest optical manufacturers in the Balkans in the field of optics, optoelectronic and optomechanical products for military use. We recall that they are one of the first high-tech companies in the world that produced a prototype of a working SWIR lens years ago and are already producing a broad product range for their customers. The company and production capacity are based in the small Bulgarian town of Panagyurishte, on over 260 000 sq.m. own area.

In the words of Eng. Boyan Garchev, an investment is about to be made, which is targeted at mechanized production, by purchasing a number of last generation technologies manufactured in Germany. It is made “to increase the production capacity and to meet the needs of a new strategic partner”.

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“As we have previously commented with you, at Opticoelectron we have an investment plan that we follow. From now, I can tell you that in 2020 our main goal is to increase productivity with new investment in high-tech manufacturing and to retain the current staff. All this is done with one purpose – quality production and qualified personnel are the right way according to our ideological thinking and company policy, and a precondition for the highest level of the products we manufacture, impossible for a large part of the companies in our sector in the Balkans and Eastern Europe,” finishes his comment Boyan Garchev.

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