NATO JEWCS Will Be Equipped with New Electronic Warfare Training Equipment by Leonardo

ROME, Italy ( – On 4th February 2019, Leonardo announced that the company was awarded a €180 million contract to equip NATO JEWCS (Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff ) with new electronic warfare training equipment, learned

The contract was awarded through an international competition by the UK Ministry of Defence as the host nation for NATO JEWCS, which is based at the Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) in Yeovilton, Somerset, England. NATO JEWCS is an agency of the Alliance that is responsible for the high-tech world of electronic warfare and provides support regarding the training of armed forces that are to face hostile electro-magnetic conditions.

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The equipment that will be provided will include air, land and maritime domains, as well as a capability for training crews to defend against anti-ship missiles and technology from the partners Cobham and Elettronica will be incorporated. The delivery of the equipment is planned to be in trancheswithin the next four years from Leonardo’s Electronic Warfare (EW) centre of excellence in Luton, the UK.

When NATO Forces participate in operations, they can expect the enemy to attempt and disrupt their GPS, radars, and communications. That is why it is important that NATO Forces experience these effects while training and practice how to counter them. For achieving that it is important that the simulated electronic warfare effects are as advanced as possible, keeping pace with opposing forces’ latest tech developments.

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Leonardo is the leading provider of electronic warfare technology and training in Europe and, as already mentioned, will be providing representative equipment across three domains: air, land and maritime.

In the air, highly capable and flexible pod-based electronic warfare systems will be supplied for deployment on aircraft, alongside a NATO Anti-Ship Missile Defence Evaluation Facility (NASMDEF). NASMDEF involves a set of pods, which can be installed on aircraft to simulate anti-ship missiles. Cobham will be Leonardo’s principle sub-contractor for this part of the contract.

For land and maritime applications, fully ruggedized shelters and vehicles will be supplied, equipped with modular and flexible electronic warfare simulators, stimulators and jamming equipment. Elettronica will be Leonardo’s principal sub-contractor for this part of the contract.

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Source: Leonardo