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We at are continually trying to improve the quality of the content offered. covers sensitive, complex, and controversial topics – topics that are complex networks of international political and military relations. tries to keep readers informed, allowing them to build their own opinion on these topics. In recent years, has become an established source of such information.

To continue to do this and significantly improve the quality of our content, we decided to create a second information channel by relying on the services of the paid platform Patreon.

For only €3 per month, you will have access to content that will not be present in but created by our authors and field correspondents. Exclusive content, digital magazine (PDF), and in-depth investigative journalism are just some of what we will offer at Patreon. Soon, Patreon will also host our podcasts and video news.

The content in remains free and will be funded only by the ads in it. We believe that information should reach people quickly and easily. But we also know that quality information requires funding.

Join our Patreon page now and for just €3 a month, help us continue our mission of objectively covering news and quality content.

Boyko Nikolov
March 5, 2021

boyko nikolov

Boyko Nikolov
Editor-in-chief and conceptual creator of

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