Israeli navy’s SAAR 4.5 missile boats launched Sea – Sea Harpoon missiles (Video)

JERUSALEM, Israel ( – In a unique exercise the Israeli navy’s SAAR4.5 missile boats launched Sea – Sea Harpoon missiles and destroyed a ship that simulated an enemy target trying to attack Israeli targets in the Exclusive economic zone (EEZ), learned

During the “Sea Of rage” exercise on Jan. 30.  Four Israeli navy SAAR-4.5 missile boats launched Harpoon missiles and destroyed the old decommissioned merchant ship that simulated the enemy.

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Commander of the exercise, Lt. col Boris Schuster told that the exercise combined maritime and aerial platforms “the effort was to detect the ship some 200 km from the shores of Israel, identify it and destroy it”

He added that the exercise proved that the navy can handle a “great number” of targets “using a combination of systems”.

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The rigs that are used to pump natural gas from the bottom of the Mediterranean are potential targets mainly for terror organizations like the Hezbollah in Lebanon.

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Souce: Arie Egozi/correspondent