Russian Armed Forces to Receive Newly Developed Individual Reconnaissance System

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation, (  – Last Sunday (27th January), an unofficial source in the Russian defence industry, quoted by TASS news agency, said that the Russian military would receive the individual reconnaissance system Glaz (‘Eye’). This, according to his statement, is a mini device with a high-resolution camera attached to a rocket projectile when launched from a signal pistol, learned

The unnamed source at the military-industrial complex stated that the Glaz individual operational reconnaissance system has been developed for the Russian armed forces. He specifies further that this is a mini-device on a parachute, launched from a hand-held rocket launcher. According to his words the new device has been already tested experimentally by Russian units in Syria.

The source notes that the newly device with the high-resolution camera is ejected from a a rocket projectile fired from the signal pistol by a soldier on a battlefield, which before to eject it climbs to the height up to 300 meters.

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The Glaz system enables the military to promptly receive photo and video data on sites where emergency occurred or in areas where it is complicated the acquisition of information by conventional means or on places where human life is jeopardized. As an example the TASS’ source points out that system is envisaged to be used in street fighting, when the adversary is beyond the direct visibility zone: on the roofs of buildings, behind fences, buildings, etc.

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The statement says that currently the individual reconnaissance system Glaz is undergoing factory tests. the signal pistol used for the launch of the device weighs no more than 400 g and its length is near 300 mm. It transfers real-time image data, with the area of about 0.5 square km at the maximum height in the field of vision of the camera.

So far, TASS has not received official confirmation of the information stated by the source.

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Source: TASS