Israeli companies change the way of handling Missiles and Satellites

JERUSALEM, Israel ( – This may change what we know about all types of rockets. At this stage the scientists talk in a theoretical mode, but Israeli companies have started to evaluate the operational possibilities.

An Israeli company is developing a jell based propellant, that will change the way rockets and satellites are being operated, learned

According to “New Rocket”, conventional rocket engine technology in either solid or liquid form has many risks, including high toxicity, transportation challenges and produces rockets that are difficult to control or extinguish.

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NewRocket is developing proprietary gel technology enabling a stable and non-toxic engine propellant, without sacrificing performance and control.

According to the company, the “green propulsion” technology, combines all the advantages of both liquid and solid propellants.

New Rocket Chairman Ran Bar Sela, and the company’s CEO Eran Privman , said that the new propellant is safe to use and transport.

They added that the propellant will improve rocket performance, offering a powerful thrust that can be controlled and extinguished when needed. New Rocket’s gel propulsion technology is designed to meet the strictest industry regulations.

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The company has successfully completed a proof of concept for the proprietary technology and identified key applications for the aviation, space and power generation markets.

The company’s executives said that existing satellite propulsion systems are currently too expensive or toxic, and often limit the Nano satellites performance.

These restrictions lead to a dramatic reduction in satellite lifespan and make operating large constellations prohibitively difficult, especially in very low earth orbits (VLEO).”

New Rocket started the development in Incubit Ventures, the technological incubator of Elbit Systems.

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And now after Elbit acquired Israel military industries (IMI) one of Israel’s main rocket manufacturer, this new technology will become a major factor in the competition with Israel aerospace industries (IAI) the second company that manufactures rocket for the Israeli defence forces (IDF) and foreign clients.

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