Israeli air force had attacked Iranian weapons warehouses in Syria

JERUSALEM, Israel ( – Israel officially raised the secrecy curtain that was put on its activities in Syria against Iranian targets, learned

The move confirms a prior report by that Israel intends to take care of the “Syrian Problem” by itself, despite the U.S withdrwal.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Israeli air force had attacked Iranian weapons warehouses in Syria, on Jan 11.

“We worked with impressive success to block Iran’s military entrenchment in Syria,” Netanyahu said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, adding that the Israeli military had struck Iranian and Hezbollah targets “hundreds of times.”

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“Just in the last 36 hours, the air force attacked Iranian warehouses with Iranian weapons at the international airport in Damascus,” Netanyahu said. “The accumulation of recent attacks proves that we are determined more than ever to take action against Iran in Syria, just as we promised.”

The admission proves that Israel found the way to attack targets in Syria despite the massive Russian presence in this country, including the deployment of the S-300 systems.

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After the U.S announcement of the withdrawal of its forces from Syria, Israel has decided to act alone to foil the stream of advanced Iranian made weapons to the Hezbollah in Lebanon via Syria.

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