Is Turkey a NATO member or plays solo?

JERUSALEM, Israel ( – The new confrontation between the U.S and Turkey has again brought up the question on this country’s role and status in NATO.

Israeli sources said on Jan. 14 that while there is continuous tension between Washington and Ankara, one issue has not been solved- the continued membership of Turkey in NATO, learned “This country acts again and again as if it is not a major member in the alliance. This weakens NATO and puts big question marks over its efficiency” one source said.

On Jan 13, U.S President Donald Trump wrote on his Twitter account “Starting the long overdue pullout from Syria while hitting the little remaining ISIS territorial caliphate hard, and from many directions. Will attack again from existing nearby base if it reforms. Will devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds. (Editor`s note: We Will) Create 20-mile safe zone.”

Trump also wrote: “Likewise, do not want the Kurds to provoke Turkey. Russia, Iran and Syria have been the biggest beneficiaries of the long-term US policy of destroying ISIS in Syria – natural enemies. We also benefit but it is now time to bring our troops back home. Stop the ENDLESS WARS!”

In recent months, Turkey has made some moves that put the value of this country’s membership in NATO under a considerable doubt. According to Israeli sources, it seems that de facto, Turkey has long deserted its obligation to the organization.

The history of Turkey’s odd actions in the context of NATO is long. The last step has been just another proof of the strange situation.

Last year, when Turkey still considered purchasing the Russian S-400 missile defence systems, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said that the organization has received no request from Turkey to integrate its Russian origin S-400 missile defense system with the North-Atlantic defense bloc system. “That’s a national Turkish decision. What matters for NATO is whether it will be integrated into the NATO air defense system. There has been no request for that”, Stoltenberg told a group of international reporters on Feb. 20 last year at the alliance headquarters.

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In the meantime, Turkey came back to the U.S and asked for the advanced version of the Patriot missile system, but according to the Israeli sources, the attitude proves the “very problematic status of Turkey in NATO”.

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So, Turkey considered buying Russian-made systems and not long ago was even in negotiations with China regarding a possible deal to purchase Chinese weapon systems. Again, and again the sources added Turkey “Plays solo” and signals that its membership in NATO is without any obligation to the treaty.

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