Russia’s Defence Ministry Completes the State Trials of “Udav” Pistol

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation (  – The advanced pistol “Udav” may soon replace the aging “Makarov”, which, currently, is the main weapon of the Russian military, given the fact that it has successfully completed the state trials. This was stated on 5th January by a representative of the Russian Ministry of Defence, quoted by the state news agencies, learned

The statement of the Russia’s MoD says that, after the completion of the tests, the new firearm is “recommended for introduction into the arms inventory”, and also points out that the new pistol is highly rated by the military that, last year, also carried out a series of separate tests, pushing “Udav” to its limits.

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The “Udav” pistol, which was designed and developed by Podolsk-based TSNIITOCHMASH industrial design bureau, underwent state trials in August-December last year at the test facility of the bureau and at test sites of the Defence Ministry, located in the Western and Central Military Districts. The “Udav” has a 50 m sighting range and is fed by 9х21mm cartridges. Its detachable box magazine can hold 18 rounds.

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According to a statement by a representative of the arms manufacturer – the Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering, the newest pistol successfully withstood all trials held by the producer and the Russian Defence Ministry. Its reliability was trialed via a series of ballistic, endurance and harsh weather conditions tests during which the pistol performed satisfactory in both frost and heat, with temperatures ranging from 50 to -70 ⁰C. Currently, the state commission reviews the results of “Udav” shown during the tests.

The manufacturer also notes: “The trials have proven the pistol’s high functional capabilities, its durability and its functional performance in extreme conditions.”

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According to the Russian media, the new weapon is the likeliest candidate for the replacement of the “Makarov” pistol, in service since 1951. This is not the first effort made by Russia to replace the Makarov PM, after, in the past, it have been considering the 9mm GSh-18 and Yarygin pistols, but all the potential successors had problems with the reliability or their design was too complicated.

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Source: RT