A new aircrafts`electronic warfare system has been develop by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

JERUSALEM, Israel (BulgarianMilitary.com) – The demand for a hauled EW protection system in certain types of missions, brought Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) to develop a new electronic warfare system which provides an added layer of self-defense for aircraft, learned BulgarianMilitary.com.

A new  aircrafts`electronic warfare system from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
Animation: IAI

The system, which was developed by IAI’s intelligence subsidiary ELTA Group, is hauled by the aircraft, protecting it by acting as distractor to radar-guided missiles. The new hauled „bait“ is dubbed named ELL-8270.

According to IAI the ELL-8270 is differentiated from other solutions in being completely autonomous, which means it needs no power or signals from the leading aircraft and is hauled behind with a simple cord.

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According to IAI despite its excellent efficiency, the “bait” is also less expensive than other solutions that attempt to achieve the same result.

During flights in areas threatened by enemy missiles, the bait is deployed at a safe distance from the leading aircraft and emits signals to attract the missile, away from the aircraft. The system can handle several threats simultaneously, can be used by all aircraft types, is extremely lightweight and can be rolled back into the aircraft or abandoned, if necessary.

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IAI says that the ELL-8270 is an effective self-defense solution against all radar-guided missiles, including the most modern ones, as such, it serves as the last layer of protection after all previous defenses had failed and a missile had been launched towards the aircraft.

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