Russia’s Underwater Drone “Poseidon” Will Reach Speeds of Over 200 km/h

MOSCOW, Russia ( – A source in the Russian military-industrial complex, quoted by TASS, said the latest Russian underwater drone “Poseidon”, the development of which was announced in March 2018 by Vladimir Putin, will reach a speed of more than 200 km/h (about 110 knots) , learned

“Poseidon” will be capable to operate at a depth of over 1 km. as well as to  travel at its maximum speed and in the air cavities that are formed by the water vapor around the submarine, while it is moving.

According to the source, the underwater drone will be highly maneuverable during its course. All this, along with the maximum speed and the possible depth, “makes it impossible” for the drone to be defeated by another enemy drones.

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We recall that, at the moment, the modern nuclear submarines have a maximum underwater speed of 60 km/h (30-35 knots) and the torpedo – about 90 km/h. (50 knots). The Russian torpedo system “Shkval” is equipped with a jet engine that, according to other sources, can reach an underwater speed of 370 km/h (up to 200 knots), but unlike Poseidon, it operates at a shorter distance and at a shallow depth. has no official confirmation that to confirm the source information quoted above.

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According to the Russian state-owned news agency, at the moment the tests of the underwater drone system “Poseidon” are underway, and a Russian Navy nuclear-powered submarine is used to move the drone around for the purposes of the trials.

“Poseidon” is part of the Russian project for a multipurpose marine and oceanic system. Vladimir Putin announced the development of “Poseidon” in his traditional address to Russia’s Federal Assembly in March last year. According to Putin’s words, said later, these underwater drones could be equipped with conventional and nuclear weapons and destroy enemy infrastructure projects as well as aircraft carriers.

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Source: TASS

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