Boeing Will Modernize the Chinook Helicopter Fleet of Spain

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, the USA ( — Boeing came out with the news on 3rd January 2019 that the company will modernize the entire Chinook Helicopter fleet of Spain. The fleet consists of 17 CH-47D Chinook helicopters and they all will be upgraded to the F-model configuration. It will be added features including the digital automatic flight control system, common avionics architecture system as well as advanced cargo handling so that the feet of the country to be aligned with those of other nations, learned

Boeing has manufactured more than 460 CH-47F Chinook aircraft as of the moment. Spain is one of twelve nations that have ordered the latest Chinook configuration.

This is the first order from a non-U.S. customer placed under a contract signed in July 2018 between Boeing and the U.S. Army. The scope of that contract covers 6 new F-models for the USA and options for up to 150 more Chinooks for U.S. and international customers. The deliveries to Spain are scheduled to start in 2021.

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Chuck Dabundo, Vice President, Cargo and Utility Helicopters and H-47 program manager, commented, “The Chinook is a versatile aircraft flown by eight NATO nations, including Spain. With this contract, Spain’s Chinook crews will enjoy the platform’s current technology and capability, while the country gets an affordable upgrade that builds on its existing H-47 investment.”

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The CH-47F Chinook is a twin-engine, tandem rotor, heavy-lift helicopter. Presently, in addition to the U.S. Army and Special Operations Forces, Chinook aircraft are in service or under contract with and 19 international defence forces. The aircraft can fly at speeds exceeding 175 mph and carry payloads greater than 21,000 lbs. In 2017, Boeing and the U.S. Army announced the development of CH-47F Block II. The latter will include a redesigned fuel system, structural improvements to the fuselage, new rotor blade and improved drivetrain.

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Source: Boeing