Russia Modernizes and Rearms its Military in 2019. “Iskander-M” and “Avangard” Assume Combat Duty

MOSCOW, Russia ( – Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, in specially sent notices, quoted by the national Russian news agency TASS, announced its intentions to rearm and modernize its military capabilities in 2019, learned

After, in September last year, Russia organized and conducted its largest military exercise after nearly 37 years, in 2019 the Russian army enters the next stage of Vladimir Putin’s plans, namely, renewal of the available army’s technology and capacity, as well as rearmament of the Russian armed forces.

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To 65%, the Russian Air Force will be modernized in 2019

On 2nd January, the Russian Defence Ministry announced that in 2019, with more than 100 planes and helicopters, the Russian Air Force will be modernized. This figure represents modernization of military aircraft equipment increased to 65%.

We recall that in 2018, Russia has enhanced its Air Force with almost the same number of equipment, including the multirole fighters Su-35S and Su-30SM, the fighter bombers Su-34 and the assault helicopters Mi-8, as well as the combat trainer Yak-130.

Russia Modernizes and Rearms its Military in 2019. “Iskander-M” and “Avangard” Assume Combat Duty
Russian Super Jet Su-35S | Photo Credit: Strategic Culture

We remind that only a few days ago the Russian Federation announced its intentions to start the upgrade of the strategic bomber Tupolev Tu-160.

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The Russian Defence Ministry also announces the forthcoming Air Force exercises, in which to include its aviation, among them are “Center 2019”, “Army 2019”, the flight trainings “Aviodarts” 2019, and others.

1850 new armored pieces will support the Land Forces of the Russian Army

“In 2019, more than 1850 automobile vehicles are to be supplied to Land Forces of the Russian Armed Forces. As part of the implementation of National Defence, enterprises of defence industry complex will provide modern automobile vehicles for the Russian Defence Ministry. These samples have already proved their efficient operation in various climatic zones”– the Defence Ministry reported.

The Ministry also reports that armored reconnaissance vehicles Tiger-M will be equipped with the new combat module with remote control – Arbalet-DM.

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It is expected in 2019, the new armored vehicles with enhanced security Typhoon-U and Typhoon-K also to become part of the armament of the Russian army.

Russia Modernizes and Rearms its Military in 2019. “Iskander-M” and “Avangard” Assume Combat Duty
Russian Special Forces Typhoon | Photo Credit: Evgeny Biyatov

In addition, the Land Forces will receive the chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear reconnaissance vehicles RKhM-6 and RKhM-8 and more than 60 modern satellite communication stations R-441LM and R-444NL.

Russian ground troops will hold seven larger military exercises in 2019, in Egypt, Mongolia, India and Tajikistan. During these and other trainings, operations will be demonstrated and developed to fight against armed terrorist groups.

Russia’s missile military units expect “Iskander-M” and “Avangard”

Perhaps the biggest change in the land combat stems from Russia’s intention in 2019 to complete the program for re-armament of its missile formations with “Iskander-M”.

“In 2019 the rearmament of the missile formations of the Land Forces of the Russian Armed Forces to the Iskander-M operational-tactical missile system will be completed. As part of the state defence order, the manufacturer will transfer the Iskander-M systems to the missile brigade of the Western Military District,” announces Russia’s Defence Ministry.

The OTRK Iskander-M is capable of engaging targets at a range of up to 500km. It consists of two types of missiles: ballistic and cruising. The complex is designed to eliminate enemy missile launchers, anti-missile and air defence systems, airplanes and helicopters at airfields, command posts and infrastructure.

Russia Modernizes and Rearms its Military in 2019. “Iskander-M” and “Avangard” Assume Combat Duty
Iskandr-M | Photo Credit: Yuri Smituk, TASS

According to the Iskander-M manufacturer the system is capable to overwhelm any missile defence. Some journalists and experts in the last year gave the system another name – “secure as a stone wall.”

We remind that Vladimir Putin wants to put into operation the hypersonic missile system “Avangard”. This can happen in the current 2019, but there is no official announcement from the Defence Ministry at this stage.

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At the end of 2018, Russia conducted the first successful test of Avangard and, according to the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov, it can fly 27 times faster than the sound speed and hit targets at a distance of 6,000 km.

So far, only the citation of Russian President Putin that his army in 2019 will acquire Avangard remains, but if that happens, it is still unclear when.

2019 will be crucial for T-14 tank “Armata”

The latest Russian tank T-14 “Armata”, which was displayed at the military parade in Moscow on May 9, 2018, enters the last stage before being put into operation – the national and state tests and trials in accordance with the Russian standards.

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“In the interest of the Land Forces, we have developed the tank T-14 Armata that is about to undergo trials in the current year”- the Defence Ministry announces. In their view, this is a tank of new third-generation that has no analogue in the world.

Russia Modernizes and Rearms its Military in 2019. “Iskander-M” and “Avangard” Assume Combat Duty
Tank T-14 “Armata” | Photo Credit: Valeri Sharifurin, TASS

Earlier, Deputy Minister of Defence Alexey Krivoruchko announced that the Russian government has already signed a contract with the Ural-based manufacturer for the supply of 132 T-14 MBTs and T-15 heavy IFVs of “Armata” series.

The main function of the T-14 “Armata” is to support the offensive of the motorized rifle units during fight and to destroy heavily armored targets and enemy defenses.

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Source: TASS