Italy may be the first user of the new ELTA`s warning & control system – MARS2 and ELI-3360.

JERUSALEM, Israel ( – The Italian air force which already operates two Israeli made Conformal Airborne Early Warning & Control System (CAEW), will soon evaluate two new versions of special mission aircraft developed by Israel aerospace industries (IAI), learned

ELTA, the electronics subsidiary of IAI, is expanding the line of special mission’s aircraft based on its sensors.

Elta has developed two versions of special mission aircraft based on the Gulfstream G-550. One is an early warning system and the other is an electronic intelligence system.

Both versions are operated by the air forces of Israel, Italy and Singapore.

Now ELTA is expanding the line. One is a JSTARS aircraft type dubbed MARS2. The system on this version is the ELI-3150, a Multi-Mission Airborne Reconnaissance & Surveillance System, designed to provide persistent stand-off ISR in all weather and visibility conditions.

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MARS2 consists of a high-performance business jet platform, equipped with a state-of-the-art multi-sensor ISR suite and an advanced mission system for command, control and communications. According to ELTA the system provides actionable intelligence to commanders in real-time at strategic, operative and tactical levels. The system is also suited for civil defense support and disaster relief operations.

The second special mission aircraft is a maritime patrol system dubbed ELI-3360.

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According to Avishai Izhakian deputy general manager of ELTA’s airborne systems and radar division, this system is offered on a Global 5000 business jet. It includes all the sensors needed to control vast areas of sea against all kinds of threats. “It is similar to the P-8 but with advanced sensors and very cost effective “

The ELTA official added that the company was a leader in using business jets as platforms for special missions’ aircraft

In 2018 IAI has delivered the second Conformal Airborne Early Warning & Control System (CAEW) installed on a Gulfstream G-550 to the Italian air force. The first system was delivered in late 2016.

The contract was signed in 2012 after the Israeli air force selected the Aermacchi M-346 for its advanced trainer.

According to this agreement IAI, was contacted to supply the Italian Air Force two G-550 Conformal Airborne Early Warning & Control Systems (CAEW), Ground Support Systems and logistical support package totaling $750 million.

Under an additional agreement with ‘Telespazio’ IAI developed the Optsat 3000 observation satellite for the Italian government. It was launched into space in mid-2017.

ELTA has equipped the G-550 with an integrated Electronic Support measures /Electronic Intelligence (ESM/ELINT) that is combined with its ELM-2060 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) reconnaissance pod.

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The company’s official said that integration of the ESM/ELINT capability in the pod was achieved through advances in hardware miniaturization which allowed for the addition of systems in the current pod configuration. Based on ELTA’s ELK-8385 proven Interferometric ESM/ELINT system, the integrated dual-use pod, designated ELI-2060E, can currently deliver radar imagery with ELINT target overlay. This capability allows the operator to collect enhanced multi-INT (multi-intelligence) data during a single reconnaissance flight leg, increasing both the probability of detection of ground targets and providing enhanced identification capabilities. Real-time exploitation and uplinked mission updates improve intelligence collection efficiency by focusing the imaging at the real-time areas of interest.

The Israeli air force (IAF) is operating similar CAEW systems on G-550.

IAI is offering the same configuration to other air forces and negotiations are in different phases.

Israeli sources said that the Italian air force has been briefed on the two new mission aircraft.

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