Israel intends to take care of the “Syrian Problem” by itself due the US`s decision to withdraw their troops from Syria

JERUSALEM, Israel ( – Israel does not rely on the fact that U.S president Donald Trump finally understood the mistake of withdrawing the American forces from Syria, learned

All the signs point to a very slow withdrawal, that on the one hand projects the original decision of the U.S president and on the other, the realization that it was a mistake based on the reactions from almost all the defence experts in the Pentagon.

And Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also joined the opposition and explained Trump that the withdrawal is a mistake.

Behind closed doors in Israeli state organizations, very harsh words were said about Trump’s decision.

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So, the withdrawal of the 2000 U.S military from Syria will be slow but it seems that Israel understands that this is an inevitable process.

What was clear from the start, is that Israel intends to take care of the “Syrian Problem” by itself.

The over 200 airstrikes on Iranian targets in Syria during 2018, are only the public part of the Israeli operations. Others are highly classified.

And back to the original decision.

In recent months and following the appointment of a special US envoy to Syria, senior figures, including National Security Adviser John Bolton, had declared, contrary to Trump’s initial approach, that American forces would remain in Syria until the Iranians left and a political settlement was reached. The resignation of Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis illustrates the wide gap between the President’s decision and the position of professional associates.

According to a paper written by Eldad Shavit, and Udi Dekel , researchers in the Israeli institute for national security studies (INSS) ,the immediate reasons for President Trump’s decision at this point are still not clear.

The researchers say that Whether they may be related to internal causes and/or to the “deal” that he is trying to advance with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which will link the sale of Patriot air defense systems as a substitute for the S-400 that Ankara wants to purchase from Russia and the further sale of F-35 planes to Turkey.

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The paper says that It also appears that the withdrawal is intended to prevent friction between the US and Turkish forces in northeastern Syria. ”In any event, the decision does not appear to be a component of a broader agreement in Syria that involves Russia as well.”

The paper says that president Trump explained his decision by saying there was no further need for American forces in Syria since the mission to defeat the Islamic State was accomplished successfully, and the US did not have to be the regional “policeman.” Indeed, the military efforts of the coalition headed by the United States have recorded many victories in their attacks on the Islamic State, but active fighting forces remain in Syria and Iraq (according to recent reports there are about 3,000 fighters in the area).

Israeli sources say that the claim that ISIS was wiped out of Syria is not based on any solid facts.

Whatever the immediate cause, this decision, together with other moves and statements by President Trump since he took office, shows that even if he has set himself a number of objectives in the Middle East, and above all, a change in Iranian policy, Trump is not prepared (partly due to his wish to please his voters) to continue carrying the burden and the risks of US forces in the Middle East.

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In the background are reports that the army has been instructed to start limiting the number of troops in Afghanistan. “This follows complaints that the United States has not received any gratitude from its allies in the region. In effect, apart from the efforts to renew and reinforce the sanctions on Iran, this move leaves the US with no coherent policy regarding the objectives that it would like to achieve.”

The researchers say that U.S allies in the region understand they cannot rely on the administration as a central component of their strategy for dealing with the threats before them.

“The withdrawal of forces (about 2000 soldiers, the majority of them Special Forces) is perceived as another “betrayal” by the United States of its allies, and this time the price will be paid by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which comprise mostly Kurdish forces that were established and armed by the United States and led the ground fighting efforts against the Islamic State in Syria. Washington’s decision aggravates its loss of credibility among regional elements and undermines the status of senior administration figures who are spokespeople for US policy.” comment Eldad Shavit and Udi Dekel from Israeli Institude for National Security Stidies in their research.

Israeli sources told that all preparations have been made to deal with larger scale operations that the different parties in Syria might perform when the U.S troops are no longer in the country.

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Source: Israeli institute for national security studies (INSS)