The Israeli air force has performed an air attack on Iranian targets in Syria

JERUSALEM, Israel ( – The Israeli air force (IAF) has performed a massive air attack on Iranian targets in Syria. The standoff precision bombs hit the targets on Dec 25, learned

In response, the Syrians have launched a salvo of some 30 surface-air missiles against the attacking aircraft.

One such missile, probably a SA-5 took a trajectory with a possible hit point in Israel, and the Israeli air defence systems launched an interceptor.

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The IDF spokesman said that Israel has activated the air defense systems against an anti-aircraft missile that was launched from Syria. “There was no damage or injury.”

The IDF did not say whether its air defence system had brought down the missile launched in Syria.

The Israeli attack is the first massive one since the downing of the Russian IL-20 intelligence aircraft, during an Israeli attack in September. The IL-20 with 15 on board, was shot down by Syrian surface – air missiles.

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Although following the September incident, Russia and Israel took steps to calm things down, the reaction from Moscow was fierce. The Russians blamed Israel of endangering two civilian aircraft flying in the Syrian airspace on Dec 25.

Sources say that the Russians in Syria have been notified about the recent attack, as agreed after the September one.

There is a “Hot Line” between the IAF’s command center and the Russian command center in Syria.

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According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Israel attacked three targets — Iranian or Hezbollah arms depots located southwest of Damascus.

On the morning of Dec 25 , a  Boeing 747 of Iranian airline Fars Air Qeshm, which is affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, landed in Damascus International Airport 7:45 pm. The plane was apparently used to transport military equipment to the Syrian army and c in Lebanon.

Israel has declared again and again that it will foil all Iranian efforts to transfer advanced weapon to the Hezbollah via Syria.

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