Saab Announced a New Contract for Its Carl-Gustaf M4

STOCKHOLM, Sweden ( – Yesterday, 19th December 2018, Saab announced the receipt of a new contract for its Carl-Gustaf M4 multi-role weapon system at the total order value of approximately 492 MSEK. The customer was not disclosed. The deliveries are scheduled to take place in 2019-2024, learned

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The Carl-Gustaf man-portable multi-role weapon system has been supporting infantry all over the world for 70 years by now. Now, the design of the new version of the weapon system has been improved and its weight was reduced. Currently it weighs less than 7 kg and thus it offers significant mobility improvements to soldiers. The weight of the Carl-Gustaf M2 is 14.2 kg and of Carl-Gustaf M2 – 10 kg.

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Görgen Johansson, head of Saab business area Dynamics, commented, “We keep on writing the Carl-Gustaf success story. This year has been very successful for the Carl-Gustaf M4 and, with this order, we welcome this new customer as our tenth customer for the system. With the latest technology and improved ergonomics, the Carl-Gustaf M4 provides an increased tactical flexibility, while it’s ready for future innovations.”

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The new Carl-Gustaf M4 was ordered for the first time in 2015 by the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic.

The new version keeps all the effectiveness and versatility of the Carl-Gustaf system proven over the years while introducing a range of major enhancements. It is lighter, better and faster with reduced action time. It can be carried safely loaded so that to enable the user to act faster. The new version also features an intelligent sight compatible with intelligent sight systems, ensuring maximum effect in any tactical situation, as well as an integrated shot counter for improved logistics and maintenance. Overall improved ergonomics (adjustable shoulder rest and front grip) enables soldiers to adjust the weapon to suit them.

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The M4 enables soldiers to deal with any tactical situation – from neutralising armoured tanks or enemy troops in defilade, to clearing obstacles and engaging enemies in buildings. In this way, by having a single weapon for all situations, the tactical flexibility is increased and the amount of equipment that should be carried could be reduced.

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Source: Saab