The First Prototype of Russia’s Next Generation Armored Vehicle Tigr-2 is Expected to be Ready in Spring

MOSCOW, the Russian Federation ( – According to a source in Russia’s Ministry of Defence, who was cited today (14th December) by the Russian state media, the first prototype of the next generation armored vehicle Tigr-2, currently under development by Military Industrial Company, will be ready in spring next year, learned

The latest modification of multi-role military vehicle is expected to be finished in March or April 2019 after some adjustments are made, according to today’s information, which is not officially confirmed. Previously, the Russian manufacturer of armored military vehicles and armored personnel carriers – Militaryand Industrial Company, said that the Tigr-2 prototype would be made by the end of this year.

However, the ministry source unveiled that some of the requirements set by the Russian Ministry of Defence have changed and now the developer has to make some adjustments in the design of the armored vehicle, which have impact on the timeframe, but not too much. In particular Tigr-2 is seen to be ready in April 2019, and may be even earlier – in March. The source did not specify the new requirements.

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In the official information, released earlier by the company, it was noted that the new vehicle will be shielded against explosives with a weight of up to 2kg  in TNT equivalent, it will feature enhanced ballistic endurance to the 6a class according to technical standards and load capacity – increased to 2 tonnes. In comparison, the current Tigr-M vehicle that is in service, features anti-mine endurance of up to 0.6 kg in TNT equivalent and 5 class ballistic protection, with its load capacity rising up to 1.2 tonnes.

The development of the next generation armored vehicle Tigr-2 takes into account the experience of using Tigr-M vehicles in real combat conditions, including those in Syria. The enhanced load capacity of the new vehicle will allow it to be fitted with new modules with heavy armament on it.

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The Tigr is a class of Russian armored vehicles, with its modifications being manufactured at the subsidiary of Military Industrial Company – Arzamas Machine-Building Factory since 2005.

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Source: TASS