Navantia Will Build Five F-110 Frigates for the Spanish Navy

MADRID, Spain ( – Yesterday (13 December 2018) it was unveiled that Navantia will build 5 F-110 frigates for the Spanish Navy under a €4. 325 billion deal as reported by the Ministry for Regional Affairs, learned

In a statement of the Ministry was said that today, 14th December 2018, the cabinet will give its green light for construction of the F-110 frigates in the industrial city of Ferrol, the northwestern region of Galicia.

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The newly built frigates will replace the six Santa Maria frigates of the Navy, which are 35 years old.

The Ministry of Defence of Spain expects that these brand new frigate models will be exported and meet the needs of navies abroad as well.

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The comment of the Ministry on its website in that relation said, “To succeed in exports, the competitiveness of Navantia’s products is crucial and the defence/navy-Navantia collaboration model is one of the pillars on which this competitiveness can be built. The programme of F-110 frigates is key to modernising the navy’s fleet and to ensure the future of Navantia in exporting these types of products.”

As of moment the defence industry in Spain is recovering from a severe economic crisis and features one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe. Now, that newly signed contract of Navantia will lead to the creation of approximately 7,000 jobs (at least 1,300 direct jobs, 2,000 in peripheral industries and 3,500 indirect ones ) as announced by the Ministry quoting Javier Losada, the central government’s representative in Galicia.

The design of the frigate F-100 was started by Navantia in 1996. 22 years later and based on the experience gained through building 13 ships of this family, in different versions and for several countries, Navantia has developed the innovative and new frigate F110, with which the company expects to maintain its world leadership position as a designer and builder of frigates and their further life cycle support.

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Source: Shephard Media, Navantia