The USA Supports Kosovo’s Intention to Create a National Army

PRISTINA, Kosovo ( – The USA supports Kosovo’s intention to create a National Army. That was revealed by the U.S. ambassador to Pristina on 6th December 2018, learned

The former Serbian province, Kosovo, declared its independence in 2008 and it is expected on 14th December 2018 to be voted whether the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) to be transformed into a National Army.

The main tasks of KSF, as of the moment, include activities such as search and rescue, explosive ordnance disposal, firefighting, as well as hazardous material disposal. In addition, KSF is also equipped with light weaponry.

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After the end of the 1998-99 war, which separated it from Serbia, Kosovo has been defended by international NATO-led troops. In that relation, on 6th December 2018, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg underlined that the plans of Kosovo regarding its own Army are “ill-timed” and “against the advice of many NATO allies.”

However, it is clear that the USA completely supports the decision and that was confirmed by the U.S. ambassador Philip Kosnett in front of RTK – the state broadcaster in Pristina.

Philip Kosnett said, “We think that KSF’s evolution into Kosovo’s armed forces is a positive step and that it is only natural for Kosovo as a sovereign and independent country to have its own defence capability,” and added that, “This is a process that will take many years.”

Kosnett also noted that the United States has invested money and training in the development of the Kosovo Security Force.

Serbia still refuses to recognise the independence of Kosovo and considers it a renegade territory.

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In connection with the army plans of its former southern province, Belgrade thinks that such an army would be a threat to the Serbs, who are still living in Kosovo.

The Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic commented, “I hope that we will never have to use our army, but at this moment it is one of the options on the table.”

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Source: Shephard Media, Wikipedia