VMZ Sopot Will Produce UAVs Based on Israeli Technology

SOPOT, Bulgaria (BulgarianMilitary.com) – VMZ Sopot and Israel’s Aeronautics Group begin their cooperation and technology transfer after their officially signed contract for the production of unmanned aerial vehicles, known as “drones”, learned BulgarianMilitary.com.

It is expected this agreement to be a real opportunity for the Bulgarian company to start the developing and producing its own brand drones, their service and maintenance, the official statement of VMZ Sopot says. The contract was signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of VMZ Sopot Mr. Atanas Bogdanov and the Director of Marketing and Business Development of the Israeli company Mr. Adi Cohen during a trilateral meeting with the Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov.

VMZ Sopot Will Produce UAVs Based on Israeli Technology
Signing a contract between VMZ Sopot and Aeronautics Group | Photo credit: VMZ Sopot

The solutions offered by the Israel-based Aeronautics Group, in the field of unmanned vehicles, are aimed at defence, homeland security and civilian UAVs. In regard to defence, the Aeronautics Group’s drones have been developed in the field of surveillance and security, counter-terrorism, tactical UAVs, counter- artillery UAVs, drones for ground forces support and drones equipped with high-tech ISR units.

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The Aeronautics Group is a successfully-developing Israeli company, and last year it has even become public by issuing its IPO on global stock markets. NATO, as an institution, is part of the Aeronautics Group’s client portfolio which in its structure includes dozens of state and private institutions all over the world.

Bulgarianmilitary.com recalls that the development of the military-industrial complex in Bulgaria has been experiencing its Renaissance period for the last 29 years, with the export of Bulgarian arms and ammunition, in 2017, has increased by 20% compared to the previous 2016 and it amounts to nearly EUR 1,2 billion, which is the highest value in the new history of Bulgaria.

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According to Adi Cohen, Bulgaria is a new opportunity for the Israeli company and he believes it will become an important hub for products for air aviation. On the other hand, Atanas Bogdanov acknowledges this future cooperation as a chance for VMZ Sopot to develop in the field of new high-tech fields.

Bulgarianmilitart.com reminds that in Bulgaria another private company working in the area of military technology has already successfully developed and realized its own anti-drone system. Optix Anti-Drone is a system that operates in the range of 500 – 5000m. and can detect the location of UAVs as well as of their remote control. This is done on the basis of the real-time frequency spectrum monitoring and direction finding system. We remind you that Optix is part of Safeshore system, a drone detection system and it is funded under the Horizon 2020 program by the EU, with European universities and companies participating in this consortium besides Optix.

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Source: VMZ Sopot