BAE Systems Has Developed a Low-Cost System for Improving Airspace Safety

FARNBOROUGH, the UK ( – Yesterday, on 7th November2018, BAE Systems announced that the company has developed a low-cost system, which uses existing satellite navigation and commercial aircraft data for improving airspace safety, learned

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Thanks to the WEnDL® (Web Enabled Data Links) system, military aircraft can rely on information of crucial importance about nearby civil aircraft for aiding pilot decision-making.

Chief Test Pilot at BAE Systems Steve Formoso commented, “WEnDL® is a key enabler to the safety and efficiency of test flying operations at our Warton site. The information that WEnDL brings in to the cockpit allows our test crews to operate with greater flexibility as well as increasing their all-round situational awareness of other air traffic around the aircraft during sorties.”

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During the past two years, BAE Systems has been evaluating the Automatic Dependent Surveillance—Broadcast (ADS–B) system as a means of passing civilian aircraft flight data via a tactical data link gateway enabling military aircraft to monitor general air traffic.

ADS-B is a technology for surveillance, which tracks and broadcasts the aircraft location through satellite navigation. The Web Enabled Data Links system can access the data transmitted from ADS-B, channel the relevant information in a simple format and make it available to military aircraft.

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As of the moment that system is completely operational and used by earlier tranches of Typhoon aircraft. It is test-flown at the site of BAE Systems at Warton, Lancashire and it is reportedly proving to offer exceptional advanced situational awareness to pilots.

About BAE Systems

BAE Systems is a global company that provides a wide range of solutions and services and thus enables militaries and governments all over the world to successfully carry out missions. The company offers large-scale systems engineering, integration, and sustainment services in the air, land, sea, space, and cyber sectors.

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Source: BAE Systems